Thursday, June 25, 2009

When God Says "I'm Going To Do It"...We Pray For Him To Do It

God told Elijah that He was going to send rain and so...Elijah prayed for rain.

"This is the wonder of prayer...that instead of God's saying "I'm going to do it" making prayer redundant, actually, God's saying "I'm going to do it" is meant to inspire us to pray, and direct our praying that so that our praying is in line with what God has said.

"Prayer is built on what God has promised He will do. Prayer starts in God, prayer starts with God initiating, telling us what He's after. It's not us thinking, "What shall I pray for?" No, it's much more responding to His initiatives--what He wants to do--and we come and ask Him in the light of that."

From a talk by Terry Virgo; all commas, quotes, dashes and such made up by me as I listened. You can listen to the whole thing here.

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Laurie M. said...

Wow, great thoughts!