Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Saving Man, God Speaks To Him

Though most followers of Christ appreciate the Bible, referring to it, quoting it and so on, there remains a curious reluctance to really give it the due that it gives itself. The Scripture testifies to its own value in ways that make some uncomfortable. One reason this is true is because of the postmodern time we live in: we've all been influenced by postmodern thinking, and it's hard to shake.

But if we wanted to try to step out of this postmodern mindset and see something more timeless,  what would we see the Bible claiming for itself (i.e., what is its "self-witness")? John Frame, a good and dependable teacher, says,

"...the Bible... is first and foremost...a book about God, about Christ, about the salvation of man from sin.  But that message of salvation includes a message about the Bible.  For this salvation requires verbal revelation.  In saving man, God speaks to him..." (http://www.frame-poythress.org/scripture-speaks-for-itself/).

I recommend that article as a very good explanation of what's at stake in understanding the role of Scripture.