Friday, March 6, 2009

Remember, and Don't Forget

I'm struck once again, as I read through Deuteronomy, at the urgency Moses conveys to the people of Israel to remember, and not forget, all the mighty deeds of the Lord in bringing them out of Egypt; and that they not fail to tell their children, and teach their children to tell their children, of His greatness and power. "Tell your children the stories! Don't forget! Remember!!"

We do a lot of labor-intensive, complicated things in the name of children's ministry in church. We think we know what the goal is, but too often I think we're missing it. The goal today is the same goal as it was for Israel as they prepared to cross over Jordan into the promised land: to tell their children of the mighty deeds of God. To teach them to remember, and not forget. "Bind these words on your hearts, fathers; instruct your children as you walk along the way."

If the church budgets were reduced to zero, we are still more than equipped by our Bibles to carry out every command of God, including the command to instruct our children in His ways. A budget reduced to zero might be a great blessing, if it forced us to look at how God has said it can be accomplished. Not with splashy programs; definitely not apart from the faithfulness of moms and dads obeying the command to teach their own children to remember, and not forget, the mighty deeds of God.


Missy said...

Excellent reminder.
The VBS lessons this year are about Moses.

Missy said...

BTW...I like your new look!

jeri said...

Thanks, but look, it changed again! I just thought the old one made me look fat.