Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Build a House

As parents, do we sometimes think of the devotions we have with our children as the window dressings of a house? The reading and study of God's word coupled with prayer are, instead, the very timbers that hold the structure up, that hold it together. Don't think of daily devotions together as mainly the use of something you've bought at the Christian bookstore; it's the solid, daily diet of the Scriptures themselves, along with fervent and earnest payer that God's Spirit will apply its truths to our hearts, that will grow us and our children into ones who bear much fruit for His kingdom.

Photo David H-W (Extrajection)


Laurie M. said...

A very good point. I'm enjoying these brief and pointed posts, by the way. (Not to imply, of course, that I don't like the longer ones! Maybe it's because I feel so swamped lately.)

jeri said...

I know...I'm feeling too swamped to write anything more wordy! (The fewer words the better for me, as a general rule!)